In the December 12, 2019 election, the Conservatives ran on the message “Get Brexit Done”. Now just two months later, Brexit is indeed getting done. After three and a half years of dithering and obstruction under the weak leadership of Theresa May and the shenanigans of parliament under Speaker Bercow, Britain has finally left the […]

Andrew Scheer lost an election that should have been easy to win. With the numerous scandals surrounding Justin Trudeau: Lavscam, vacations with the Agha Khan, his silly costumes in India and the blackface scandal among others, any credible Conservative leader would have defeated the Liberals. Andrew Scheer was not that man.  Having won the leadership […]

As winter approaches, many motorcyclists are making plans to put their beloved bikes away and take shelter until spring once again thaws the planet. For hardier riders, however, there is an alternative. Year round riding is an option even in northern climates like Canada. This is especially true if you live in an urban centre […]

Third party election advertising has long been a contentious issue in Canada and elsewhere. In Canada, we saw it used effectively by unions and radical leftists to undermine the election campaign of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives led by Tim Hudak and help to re-elect the Liberal government led by Kathleen Wynne. As we head into […]

A few years ago, gay marriage was the big new battleground for the progressive left. Many conservatives argued that allowing homosexuals to marry each other would damage the institution of marriage itself. I didn’t care much much either way because I always considered marriage to be a matter for individual religions to decide. Now that […]

With his win in the New Hampshire primary, many are calling Mitt Romney unstoppable. Historically, no Republican has won the nomination without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire, both of which were won by Romney. Yet, Romney has won these victories against a heavily divided opposition. About the only thing most Republicans agree on is […]